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We are listening to your needs


Technological Infrastructure Administration

Integral administration of technological infrastructure, we elaborate and guarantee the sizing

Platforms, OS

  • x86 – x64 – Itanium – SPARC – Power
  • Linux – SOLARIS – AIX – HPUX – Windows

Virtual Infrastructure

  • VMWare – Hyper-v – Oracle VM – IBM Lpars –
    Zones SOLARIS

Application Hosting in the World – Class Data Center

We account for 14 different data center possibilities for our clients’ application hosting.

Our Tech campuses are:

kio RedIT

We also manage our client’s applications in our data centers.


Database Administration

We have certified DBA’s experts.
We install, manage, monitor, and optimize the data centers that your business requires.

  • Oracle & Oracle RAC
  • MS SQL Server
  • IBM DB2
  • Sybase
  • MySQL

Application Administration

We drastically reduce operational risk since we offer a predictive administration model that is flexible and scalable for mission-critical applications.

We provide transparent administration and we can ensure that your applications are updated and configured for optimal performance thanks to the experience and high degree of specialization of resources that are offered on-demand.


Functional Support and Tech Support

Regardless of the day or the hour, MásNegocio offers tech support services 24/7 to ensure full availability for your applications. With specialists in every area of infrastructure, software, and database services, we offer a completely integrated service that is always available to suit the needs of our clients.

Our support services are focused on maintaining high-availability performance and to reduce the risk of non-continuity among the integration of all technological applications, middleware, databases, and operating systems up to back up systems and support.


Help Desk

We know how important it is for our clients to feel supported at all times in case any problems occur, which is why we pay special attention to assist and advise our customers. The mission of our Customer Service team is to resolve the needs of our customers within a specified time period.

The objective is to satisfy the requirements of the user regarding the use and functionality of applications through different venues of contact, thus providing a solution to every situation reported though specialized consultants.