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Business Model

Our business models reduce risks and operating costs substantially, ensuring that your IT resources generate value towards your organization, focusing on consolidating the upper-level management objectives, increase collaboration, create high-impact results, and provide efficient support to end users.


SaaS (Software as a Service)

In 2000, MásNegocio began using an ASP (Application Service Provider) model, which is now known as SaaS (Software as a Service).

Since 2000, MásNegocio was the first business in Mexico to manage applications with the highest levels of service and security through a monthly rent paid by the user.  The monthly rent includes the following services:


  • Licenses and Maintenance
  • Software implementation consulting


    • Production, Development and Trials
    • Site, Middleware, Monitoring, SAN

IT Staff:

      • Application management
      • Business development management (BD)
      • Software
      • Infrastructure
      • Security
      • Tech Support
      • Functional Support
      • Help Desk

On Demand  (Administration, Hosting, Support)

Our experience in technology platform management has consolidated MásNegocio as the first provider in Mexico and Latin America to offer the MásNegocio On-Demand model with an important differential:  the administration, hosting and tech support in Mexico.  In this sense, the company acquires its own software licenses and MásNegocio absorbs the complete management solution.

Both business models reduce risks and operating costs, seeking that the IT resources create value towards the organization, looking for innovative models to consolidate the objectives of upper-level management, increase collaboration, and lead and obtain results instead of managing and supporting the end user.