DRP Disaster Recovery as a Service
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Infrastructure provision and management
Data Center

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Rent vs. Investment

Opex vs. Capex. Primarily, by not incurring in large investments during the first and second years, resources for other projects become available. Through our rent models it is possible to achieve a permanent tax benefit. The on-demand leasing models take advantage of scale economies, allowing you to focus resources on your business and not on your information platforms. With these business models, MásNegocio allows you to simplify your expenses.

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Determines the total economic impact of an IT project through time.

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About MásNegocio

Offering Software as a Service since 2000.

Since the year 2000, MásNegocio was the first business in Latin America to offer applications from an Outsourcing model (also known as Software as a Service (SaaS)), offering the highest levels of service and security.  The operation of on-demand applications has enabled us to offer cloud services for years, allowing our customers to access the newest, most up-to-date technologies without incurring in investments and recurring costs.